After getting your teaching credential, you finally landed your first teaching assignment.

Fresh off of your student teaching experience, armed with the knowledge of the latest innovations and research in education, and a collection of tried and true lesson plans, you're ready to rock this!

That is until you're in your classroom, faced with 30+ students squirming in their chair, wandering around the classroom, or yelling to their friends across the room. 

Your students don't seem to understand the material, are failing your assessments, and are becoming increasingly frustrated.

You've already received an unhappy parent email. Your colleagues down the hall don't talk to you. You're not entirely sure what you should be teaching, but nobody is helping you.

Oh, and you're being evaluated.

How would it feel if:

📌 You could walk into your classroom every day feeling confident?

📌 You could stand in front of your students thinking, "I GOT THIS!"

📌 You had a classroom full of engaged students eagerly working on your assignments?

📌 Your class was a positive learning environment where every student respected each other?

📌 Your students had more looks of AHA! than WHAT?

Does this sound like YOU?

😔 No matter how much you plan, your students still struggle.

😣 You're trying to do everything, and are overwhelmed.

🙄 You're spending evenings and weekends grading and planning lessons.

😧 Family and friends wonder if you even exist.

🤔 You're wondering if you chose the right profession.

😒 It seems like nobody in your school likes you, and you feel alone.

😡 You're constantly asking yourself - why didn't they teach me about this in school?!?!

Imagine what it would feel like if:

📌 You could attend PLC or department meetings feeling like you contributed something positive and useful

📌 Your students' parents supported and applauded your work

📌 Your colleagues worked together with you as a team

📌 Your principal gave you a positive evaluation

📌 You could go home and spend no more than an hour on school work

📌 You had your weekends to relax and reset for the following week

📌 You looked forward to going to school EVERY DAY

If you're a new teacher and thought, I WANT THAT!! to any of these statements, then the solution to these problems is FINALLY here.

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Go from Overwhelmed to On Top of Your Game!

The Beginning Teacher Toolkit course shows beginning teachers what aspects of teaching to focus on for the most impact.

No more guessing, poring over countless blogs looking for answers, and hands up in despair.

This six-week course is packed with actionable tactics that you can implement immediately and successfully.

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What you'll get:

✔️6 modules that focus on the most important aspects of teaching that have the biggest impact on student learning

✔️Three video lessons on an aspect of teaching you should focus on for the week. 

✔️Worksheets that will help you dive into each stage.

✔️ An actionable plan that you will implement prior to the group coaching call.

✔️ A discussion post to examine how you implemented the action plan (we all need accountability!).

✔️ A self-care tip and challenge to help you create balance with teaching.

New Teacher Toolkit Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Ownership of your Classroom

    • Module 1 Worksheets

    • Create and implement a Classroom Management Plan

    • Use your Classroom Management Plan to cultivate a positive learning environment

    • Implement procedures that build your ideal classroom

    • Self care tip #1: Caring for your mind and body

    • Module 1 Discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 2

    Module 2: Lesson Planning

    • Module 2 Worksheets

    • Mapping out a plan - for the school year, semester, grading period, and week

    • Differentiating for all learners

    • Making adjustments while staying on track

    • Self care tip #2: Time Management, Part 1

    • Module 2 Discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 3

    Module 3: Lesson Delivery

    • Module 3 Worksheets

    • Your teaching personality and mindset

    • Checking for understanding

    • Student engagement and student-centered learning

    • Self care tip #3: The importance of sleep

    • Module 3 Discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 4

    Module 4: Assessing for Learning

    • Module 4 Worksheets

    • Formative and summative assessments

    • Data collection and analysis

    • Giving effective feedback that students actually care about

    • Self care tip #4: When to say yes and no

    • Module 4 Discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 5

    Module 5: Grading for Learning

    • Module 5 Worksheets

    • What's the point of grades anyway?

    • Grading as a tool for student growth and reflection

    • Gradebook basics and tips

    • Self care tip #5: Time Management, Part 2

    • Module 5 discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 6

    Module 6: Parent and Colleagues

    • Module 6 Worksheets

    • Communicating effectively with adults

    • Being a team player

    • Parent involvement

    • Self care tip #6: Balancing work and life outside of school

    • Module 6 Discussions

    • Link to Group Coaching Call

  • 7


    • Schedule for Weekly Coaching Calls

    • Link to Beginning Teacher Nitty-Gritty Facebook Group

Your mentor and coach

Classroom Educator, writer, podcaster, and instructor at Lepre's Learning Log

Kim Lepre

My name is Kim Lepre, and I've been an educator for 16 years. I've been a Beginning Teacher Mentor for the past five years and have given numerous technology and standards-based trainings throughout my district. I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with you!During my career, I've taught band, choir, AVID, Study Skills, and all levels of English Language Arts (ELA), including special education, English Learners, accelerated, and students with disabilities with a coteacher. I'm currently the ELA department head at my school and an Induction mentor to beginning teachers, and have also served as an ELA Curriculum and Educational Technology Specialist. I have a Leading Edge Blended Learning certificate and am a Level 2 Google Certified Educator.


"Kim has guided me throughout the beginning teacher process, given me sage advice, and has helped navigate the day to day process of teaching in general. She is always willing to reach out whenever I need help.

I felt that Kim was the most influential with my overall confidence by sharing her 16-year tenured wisdom. As a new teacher, I often lack the confidence in my lessons and/or approach to new situations that are continually being presented.

Teachers often joke and say that students smell fear and lack of confidence. There is a hint of truth in that: students will try to get away will test teachers. Being confident while teaching (I believe) is a key ingredient to a successful classroom. It is because of Kim’s help that I have made progress to make that possible."


I need help with teaching!

I want you as my mentor and coach!

"Kim has worked tirelessly with me through this whole process as a new teacher. Each week we take time to talk about how things are going in my classroom, and she gives me strategies to implement based off of the topics of concern I have. 

I appreciate her knowledge and expertise in teaching. She has guided me through classroom management issues as well as providing me with valuable resources to use in my classroom such as activities for various units. We also discuss whether or not certain lessons were successful, and why.

She knows just what to do and say to guide me through this whole process, and she does it in an upbeat and fun way that makes me feel like I just might make it through all of this in my first semester of teaching!


You're not going to do this alone! I'm here to help!

In addition to this valuable content, you'll get:

🌟 Access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support from other members and myself.

🌟 Weekly group coaching calls to guide you through the modules and answer your questions in person (a $240 value!).

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Frequently asked questions:

  Didn't I already learn this in college?

Did you? Or did you just cover it? I'm sure you've realized by now that much of what you learned in college - even in your teacher preparation courses - doesn't apply in real life.

 The support you offer is a lot like what I received in my teaching courses...

I completely understand, but remember that now that you've graduated and have a teaching job, you're mostly on your own.

You may have a mentor assigned to you, and they may or may not be willing to give you the support that you need to succeed your first few years.

But if that was the case, you probably wouldn't have been looking for this course.

 How is this different from reading books or going on other Facebook groups? 

As a new teacher, you're strapped for time, and you're barely keeping your head above the water. Do you really have time to grade those assignments, plan lessons, answer emails, complete paper, AND read books on how to be a better teacher?

Wouldn't it be easier if someone just TOLD you what to focus on instead of trying to figure it out on your own? 

While those Facebook groups can be helpful in many ways, you've probably found so many different opinions, and unfortunately so many negative and burnt out teachers that have nothing positive or helpful to say.

As a new teacher, you need someone who will bring you up and not let you down. You need a mentor to teach you how to be better while staying true to who you are!

How do I know if this course is right for me? 

If you're a newer teacher and you're struggling in ANY way, then this course is right for you. The first few years of teaching are hard and frustrating, but with proper guidance and support, you will succeed and gain confidence in your teaching.

Do you offer refunds?

YES! I stand by my work and my ability to help you.

You have 14 days from the time the first module is released to decide if this course is right for you. If it's not, simply email me at [email protected], and I'll issue you a refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

 I'm just starting out, and I can't afford this.  

I got you covered - I don't want you to starve!

I offer a payment plan to make it easier, but just know that you save money if you pay up front. 

Okay, I'm ready. 

Click that button below! 

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At this point, you have 

two options:

1️⃣ Decide NOT to take the course, and continue with your feelings of overwhelm and despair. 

You may make it through as a teacher, but as you know, statistics show that an alarming number of teachers quit within the first few years of teaching if they DON'T have proper support and mentoring.

2️⃣ Decide to take the course, and know that you'll be able to grow as a teacher without losing your mind and all of your time.

You've spent all of that time and MONEY to get your teaching credential, and dammit, you're going to make it worth it while making a difference in so many students' lives!

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