So the year is about to end, and at this point, you're probably just trying to survive.

You've dedicated your life to planning, grading, building relationships with students, parents, and colleagues, being evaluated, and maybe even taking classes to clear your teaching credential.

Now, you're just trying to drag yourself across that finish line in one piece and with your sanity intact.

You came into this school year excited, eager, and optimistic, but now you're just feeling drained and burnt out. And you're literally counting down the weeks, days, hours, and minutes until summer break.

Just imagine…

  • Going to happy hour to celebrate with your friends that you’ve just finished yet another year

  • Getting on that plane for the fabulous summer vacation you’d planned for months

  • Sleeping in EVERY DAY and binge-watching Netflix

  • Sitting on the beach while relaxing with that book you’ve never had time to read and maybe a cocktail


Sorry to interrupt that dream, but before we can commit to a Game of Thrones marathon, we need to finish out this year right.

Don't I just hand in my grades and keys and walk out the door?

That depends. 

  • Do you like finding out about events at the last minute and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

  • Do you enjoy coming back to a mess?

  • Were you going to do the same exact things and make the same exact mistakes next year?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you can't just leave the end of the year to chance. You HAVE to be proactive, and luckily, you still have time to plan so that it's relatively stress-free!

Normally you just learn this your own...

Raise your hand if, at any point in the year, you’ve felt stupid and frustrated because of some school policy, expectation, or event that you didn’t know about.

How about sheepishly looking around or eavesdropping on colleagues so that you can have the appearance that you know what you’re doing?

What if, for ONCE, you didn’t have to feel that way, especially at the end of the year when people seem to expect you to know what’s going on.

You don’t know what you don’t know...

Sure, you could just wing it and figure it out on your own. That's how most people do it, and they barely make it to the end. 

But think about it:

  • You’ve survived this year and you’ve earned the right to walk out that door stress-free and relaxed.

  • You deserve the best end-of-the-school-year where you can enjoy and cherish these last few months with your students.

  • You owe it to yourself to do what it takes to feel in control and to feel like you know what you’re doing.

So why figure this out on your own when you could just use a pre-built and proven system?

After years of trial and error, I have my end-of-the-year routines down pat. Some people scoffed at the idea of having a plan until they saw how calm I was those last few days while they were staying after school trying to get everything done. 

They were also working the weekend or MONTH before school started because they'd just dropped everything when they left in June.

Not THIS teacher! 

I learned that if I purposefully planned for the end of the year, I not only closed out with peace of mind, but I always came back after summer break with less stress. 

Less scrambling around and wracking my brains trying to remember where everything went.

And I remembered the tweaks that I wanted to make in my organizational system, how I run my classroom, how I grade, etc.

I've taken all of my strategies and packaged them in a quick but IMPACTFUL course that you start implementing immediately!


To be proactive and take action? 

To not feel like the only person who doesn't know what's going on that last month of school?

To know that you don't have to spend the month before school getting ready and can just relax all summer?

You need a quick but impactful course that will take away the surprises and stress from the end of the year and guarantee a restful summer!

But who has time to take a course at the end of the school year!

The End-of-the-year Sanity Saver Course contains short, actionable videos that you can watch during nutrition break, lunch, or even your prep. They're meant to create AHA! moments and motivate you to take small actions that will have huge payoffs.

I've also included useful resources that will help you organize. What's great is that you can reuse them every year, and it just keeps getting easier and easier every time you use them!

This course is specific to JUST the end of the school year, which is a time that most people don’t plan for. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive resource for ensuring that your end of the year will be free from stress and surprises.

This is not a long and boring drawn out course. Your time is valuable, so everything in the course will improve what you’re already doing or teach you what you didn’t already know.

Everything in the course is essential and actionable!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from your instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Work Backwards and Calendar Dates


    • Create Parent Notices

    • Take note of the standards that have yet to be addressed

    • Evaluating your classroom systems

    • Determine which systems to keep

    • Determine which systems to change or omit

    • Make a list of items you plan to reuse next year

    • Classroom inventory

    • Packing Day


    • Packing Day Part 2

    • Make a list of needed repairs


    • Begin preparing if you're changing levels

    • Make a wish list for next year

  • 3

    Next Steps...


    • Before you go...

About the instructor

Classroom Educator, writer, podcaster, and instructor at Lepre's Learning Log

Kim Lepre

My name is Kim Lepre, and I've been an educator for 16 years. I've been a Beginning Teacher Mentor for the past five years and have given numerous technology and standards-based trainings throughout my district. I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with you!During my career, I've taught band, choir, AVID, Study Skills, and all levels of English Language Arts (ELA), including special education, English Learners, accelerated, and students with disabilities with a coteacher. I'm currently the ELA department head at my school and an Induction mentor to beginning teachers, and have also served as an ELA Curriculum and Educational Technology Specialist. I have a Leading Edge Blended Learning certificate and am a Level 2 Google Certified Educator.

What others have been saying about this course:

"This course required me to be very thoughtful about how and why I do certain things in my classroom. The step-by-step reminders saved me from feeling like I didn't know what I was doing that last month."

"I'm a veteran teacher, and I've always thought about the things you mentioned in the course but in a piecemeal way. Being able to reflect on the systems is something I've been thinking about doing, so this pushed me to do so."

"Breaking down the end-of-the-year and writing it all down was so useful. I came back this school year feeling so calm and prepared, and now that we're almost done, I've already started repeating the steps from last year!"

You have a choice

You could just figure this out on your own, take the time to research on the Internet, and make the same end-of-the-year mistakes year after year. 

Teaching and everything involved with it is easy, right?


You could choose:

  • To not think, “Well nobody told me about that!” and feel stupid.
  • To not be blindsided by another event or expectation that nobody told you about.
  • To know exactly what to expect and plan for at the end of the year EVER year
  • To not have to come back the day after the last day of school to clean up.
  • To walk out that door knowing you have a plan for the next school year and starting it off right!

Don’t let the end of the school year craziness ruin this year! Sign up for the End-of-the-year Sanity Saver and leave school stress-free and relaxed!